We list our 2018 NEW & SPECIAL cordless items that we can offer below for your purchasing reference:

1.Cordless 50mm Venetian Blinds Component- Wand Tilt

In order to let your Child and Pet be much safe at home, we particularly develop this popular 50mm Fauxwood Venetian blind into Cordless system. Especially, we have well got the Patent in USA.
Patent No: 9903158B2.

Only 4 components, you can have this unique Cordless 50mm Fauxwood Venetain Blind to your customer. Only adjust the quantity of Cord Collector, Spring Box and Brake controller, Tape Roll Support. It is easy to assemble just like what you have experienced on assembling regular Fauxwood / Wood Venetian Blinds.

2.Cordless Roma Shade System
Unique develop parts
1.Modularized control unit: For heavier or wider finish shade, you just need to add more control unit to solve the problem. There are two specifications for option, loading 1.2 kgs & loading 2kgs. It is easy for assembling and stock management.

2.Cord gathering: Cord gathering with screw designed is to control the cord route. It is to adjust the resistance. It will be more smoothly when you pull up or pull down the shade.

3.End adjuster : It could help you to have the bottom of shade horizontal easily.

4.Safety ladder rope: The ladder design is for children safety.

It could prevent the accident that children would like have their head through the cord.