PVC Magnetic Door Curtain

Enjoy critter-free living with this fantastic Magnetic Door Curtain in White! Designed to allow fresh air to circulate around the room whilst keeping bugs and other airborne annoyances out, this Door is ideal for homes, holidays, caravans and much more, allowing you to enjoy warmer days without worry! The Door is easy to use and fit, without the need for any screws, nails or tools, and can be folded and transported to any location needed. it extremely convenient if you are holding drinks, carrying a tray, or if you have pets or small children coming in and out all day. The specially engineered magnets also mean that the door is self-closing and does not need to be shut behind you, for even more convenient usage!

*Keep bugs and other little critters out
*Perfect for warmer days
*Easy-to-use and fit
*Lightweight for easy transportation